Is Your Network a House of Cards? Signs of A Poor Network Design

What difference can proper network infrastructure make for your business?

In short, it makes all the difference. A properly designed network is efficient, collaborative, reliable and most importantly secure. A poorly designed network is none of those things and is essentially a house of cards waiting for the next gentle breeze to take it all down.

Signs of a bad network architecture

A poor network architecture can be easily recognized by its frequent connectivity issues requiring constant attention from IT teams who are in a constant state of recovery and maintenance.

Typically these networks don’t start off from a poor standpoint, but after years of operation and ad hoc implementations introducing new equipment and applications to the ecosystem without thinking about the larger picture a network can become a tangled mess of inefficient connection pathways, security holes and shadow IT fixes.

Just like a house of cards, as more and more pieces are added, the stability of the structure not only becomes more important but also more unstable and any slight problem can bring it all crashing down.

What does a good network architecture look like?

A proper network design is well documented and follows the best practices of networking, making sure that the core network is efficient and secure. This allows businesses and IT teams the flexibility to add new equipment and software without jeopardizing the integrity of the system as a whole. IT departments with reliable network architecture are able to be more involved in more proactive tasks, and innovation rather than putting out the fires of yesterday and today.

An organization's IT network needs a strong foundation from the start and when new equipment, software or services are added those systems need to be planned for in the network design and properly documented. Even minor changes, need to be considered with the larger scope of the network in mind in order to it will be properly integrated.

How to Fix Poor Network Design?

It starts with your goals and the design of your infrastructure. Identify the goals of your organization and plan a network design that functions to provide the resources to employees and equipment that is needed to be productive but also keeps the core of your network secure from the outside world. The most cost-effective way to operate is also the well planned out to offer the highest availability for your organization to be up to avoid disruptions and distractions that affect your bottom line.

As a managed service provider and networking firm, our techs understand the best practices, documentation procedures, hardware, software and solutions needed to develop a reliable and secure network that will increase the stability, productivity and efficiency your organization.

Advantages of a Properly Designed IT Network

Your network is the backbone of your company. You must ensure its strength or risk compromising all the data that is on the network. When it is properly designed, you’ll see significant benefits that provide your network with critical capabilities.

Increased Speeds and Performance

A well-designed network is marked by a high level of performance. When network infrastructure is set up correctly organizations are able to access and leverage their connected equipment and software faster and more reliably which drives better business performance.

Maximize Productivity and Empower Business

When infrastructure is properly set up, the overall organization will benefit, as well as lower maintenance needs, improved service, heightened security and an increase in proactive solutions with quicker project turnaround from their IT teams.

Secure and Seamless File Collaboration

An organization will only get so far if the resources and network used on a daily basis are slow and inefficient. A properly designed infrastructure allows the framework for innovative solutions such as internal file collaboration which allows an organization's employees and/or users to collaborate on files inside the security of the internal network.


You need scalability for your network. With the proper design, you’re able to support the growth of your business without having to redesign the network. A scalable network can change without requiring you to overhaul the infrastructure.

What challenges is your organization facing?

You need to understand the gaps and find ways to improve your productivity. In this changing competitive landscape, the infrastructure of your IT solution carries all the weight.

Are you taking advantage of the right solutions for your business?

Get the most productivity and improve the performance of your organization with the network design and planning services.


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