Environmental Monitoring

Protect Your Business Assets from Environmental Damages,

Your company or business probably owns network and other infrastructure, products and goods, and important or critical assets that ensure your business operates. Most of these assets are sensitive to environmental changes such as temperature, humidity, flooding, water presence or other leakages to only name a few.

Environmental Monitoring to Avoid Preventable Damages

In order to protect these assets in case of equipment malfunctions and / or disasters Enviromon, a division of Netmon Inc., has been developing easy to use Environmental Monitoring Solutions to measure, track and most importantly, alert you in case of unfavourable conditions in your environments.

Receiving a prompt alert can very well be the difference between some down time and a complete disaster for your company.

We are the only IT Services firm in Windsor-Essex who carries environmental monitoring sensors and data loggers as part of our regular product offering. This is because we believe in being proactive and providing our clients with the best possible solutions for their businesses, and that means also monitoring environmental conditions to avoid preventable damages to their critical assets.

So how do we help you avoid disaster and save you money?

First, Enviromon assesses and provides sophisticated hardware and software to measure and log a range of environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, air flow, voltage detection, water presence, etc. in real time.

If any of those conditions exceed parameters set up for your business an alert is generated that can be delivered visually and audibly via strobe and / or siren at your business, or you can be alerted via email and SMS text messages wherever you are.

Remote Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Enviromon also provides Centralized management solutions for managing your remote sensors from anywhere. Please visit us at Enviromon.net and Contact Us for more information.

industry server room environmental monitoring systems

Server Room and Data Center

industrial cold storage freezer temperature monitoring systems

Cold Storage

industry manufacturing environmental monitoring systems


home environmental temperature security monitoring systems

Home Residential

laboratory environmental temperature monitoring systems


industrial electrical voltage monitoring systems


food services temperature monitoring systems

Restaurant and Food Service

Prevent Avoidable Disasters

Protect your assets from environmental hazards with 24hr monitoring and alerts.

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