IT Services and Consulting

  Our focus is different than the status quo of the IT service industry. We work on behalf of our customers first, and do not have any preferences towards specific hardware / software manufacturers - we don't push any specific vendors on our clients because there are no incentives for us to do so, and that's the way we like it. This allows us to provide the best solution based on our your needs, your budget and internal ability to support the new technology. So whether your hardware preference is IBM, DELL, HP, Lenovo. Etc. we can make it happen. We will, however, make recommendations on what solutions we know work best and what solutions we prefer based on more than 20 years of experience in the IT Industry servicing the Windsor - Essex Area and Southwestern Ontario.

IT Services

We believe in a tailored approach to suit our client's specific needs, from managing network infrastructure, maintenance, and support to hardware / software sourcing and deployment we can provide our client’s with full-scale or supplementary IT capabilities and professional service.
Our local IT support technical team can act as a full-service or supplemental IT department for your business. Dedicated IT support provides 24/7 Monitoring & Alerting along with on-site or remote troubleshooting to provide quick responses and proactive solutions to our IT support service and managed IT service clients. Click here to learn more about our Managed IT Services
Our professional and knowledgeable IT support team will help address issues and provide expert advice, and steps to resolve your issues. We provide contracted and hourly services for: • Technical Support Helpdesk • Remote IT Support • On-site Troubleshooting and Resolution
• Network Failover • Server Virtualization • Storage Area Networking (SAN) • Hyper-Converged Server Implementation (High-Density computing) • ERP Investigation (Assisting organizations to determine their needs for implementing a new ERP system). This includes complete process mapping. • E-commerce/Web Portal solutions • Network Cabling
• Microsoft Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012 • Microsoft Terminal Server • Microsoft Exchange Server 2019, 2016, 2013 • Microsoft SQL Server (All versions) • Microsoft SharePoint server • Linux, UNIX Operating Systems (AIX, Solaris etc.) • VMware Server
• Backup/Disaster Recovery Solutions • Firewall/Routers • Intrusion Detection/Prevention • Content Management • Centralized Anti-Virus • Centralized Anti-Spam • Physical/Perimeter Security
• Physical data center design & implementation (including Power, HVAC etc.) • Data Center Monitoring Solutions

IT Consulting

Our IT experts include some of the best talent available in the Windsor-Essex and southwestern Ontario area; our focus internally is to ensure that our staff continually stay on top of the latest technologies while ensuring that they match the business needs of our customers.
We provide a complete and detailed assessment of your network environment. By understanding our clients' needs and evaluating their networks we can: • Determine existing capabilities. • Identify security risks. • Evaluate life expectancies of hardware. • Plan for the growth and increases in technical needs. Your IT Assessment will include: • Detailed technical documentation of your IT network and infrastructure. • Professional recommendations to resolve key issues. • Action plan and pathway for your IT services.
We provide a complete and detailed assessment of your network performance. By understanding our client’s business needs and evaluating their network performance we can: • Identify root causes of performance slow downs. • Develop effective network management processes. • Identify areas to optimize network performance. • Understand the “big picture” of network congestion points. Your Network Performance Audit will include: • Technical Analysis of Performance Issues. • Detailed recommendations to resolve key issues. • Action plan to optimization processes.
Our Network design planning is focused on delivering predictable, consistent network performance for our clients mission critical equipment and applications. By working with our clients to design network architectures that are tailored to suit their business needs we can ensure: • Proper capacity for current and future needs • Network flexibility and scalability • Cost are relative to business needs • Overall quality of service for their operations Your Network Design Plan will include: • Strategic Network Architecture Design • Network Traffic Capacity Testing and Analysis • Long Term Hardware Planning • Redundancy Planning Click here to learn more about our Network Design & Architecture Planning services.
Our backup strategy and recovery planning is focused on delivering reliable and consistent backup scheduling for our clients mission critical data and applications. Your Backup Strategy and Recovery Plan will include declaration of: • Locations of critical data within your organization • Set Recovery Point Objectives (RPO's) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO's) • Recommendations and implementation of backup and recovery solutions • Planned backup schedules • Data recovery procedures • Data replication including off-site back-ups • Backup testing and verification schedules Click here to learn more about our Backup Strategy and Recovery Planning services.
Successfully recovering from a network disaster is no guarantee without careful planning to reduce the effects of downtime and minimize losses. We work with our clients to design and implement plans for business continuity and data recovery which results in better-organized responses, faster recovery time, and less impact on their businesses. Your Disaster Recovery Design will include declaration of: • Disaster recovery processes • Site failover scenarios • System recovery procedures • Data replication designs including off-site back-ups • Identification of disaster recovery teams and roles • Test Plans
Ensuring software security and physical security of your network is crucial. We work with our clients to provide detailed technical security audits of their network environment to locate potential entry points and exploits which could be used by malware or malcontents against their business operations. By evaluating our client’s technology systems, people, and processes we can: • Identify internal practices which pose risks to data security and network reliability. • Identify entry points that are susceptible to external threats. Your Security Audits can include: • Assessment of Network Security and Risk level • Assessment of Physical Infrastructure Security • Action plan and recommendations to reduce risks.
We are an authorized reseller for Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365 Products, Operating Systems, Exchange and Enterprise Solutions. Our IT experts are experienced with countless deployments of Microsoft Enterprise solutions for clients. We also work with our client’s internal IT and Dev teams for training how to install, deploy and support on-premises versions of SharePoint Server. We not only teach SharePoint to our clients, but also teach how to best leverage the cloud with SharePoint Online, which enables collaboration across the organization, intranet portals, and more.
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20 years of experience in IT Services and Consulting for businesses in Windsor - Essex Area and Southwestern Ontario.