Backup Strategy and Recovery Services

As an IT decision maker, you want easy, efficient, reliable and secure backup and recovery services. With Netmon Services as your IT partner for backup strategy and recovery services we can provide your organization with backup solutions that are tailored to the way you work to protect your critical assets including offsite Backup replication to our "Private" Data Center.

Why do I need backup and disaster recovery planning?

Hard drive technology and servers have come a long way with much fewer falling victim to failures and data corruption, but it does still happen. The best option is to have regular backups in place that can be used in the event of a failed system to restore it with the least amount of data loss. We can develop a backup strategy that ensures your critical data, operating systems and network configurations are backed up regularly and can be used to restore your systems with the least amount of downtime. Learn more about our process.
Statistically, the highest causes of downtime can be attributed to two things - accidents from natural events and human error resulting in ransomware/malware, accidental deletion/overwritten data and software malfunctions. In the worst cases, these errors can lead to corrupted files and unusable services, where a partial or full restoration from a backup is the only way to recover. With our backup and recovery planning in place, we ensure that you are able to restore your critical data efficiently in the event that ransomware, human error or an accident has caused your systems to fail. Learn more about our process.
Your employees rely on your network and servers to work to get their jobs done. When you experience downtime because of a hardware failure or data loss it can stop your employees from providing the services your customers expect. The longer the downtime, the longer your customers have to go to a competitor, and the greater the productivity losses for your business. Our network engineers can provide planning and solutions that ensure your business network is reliable and able to recover swiftly after an unexpected failure with backup and recovery solutions tailored to your business needs. Learn more about our process.
There are multiple studies proving that businesses which lose their critical data are at a high risk of going out of business. For many businesses, their critical data is needed for the business to function and has taken considerable time and money to produce. The cost to replace this data if it is not backed up properly can put a business's future in jeopardy. Depending on the nature of your business there may also be risks of fines and legal fees to contend with if customer data and accounting data was lost or compromised. Our network engineers work with you to identify your critical data assets and develop strategies that ensure your information is regularly backed up and ready to restore your systems as efficiently as possible. Learn more about our process.

Our Process

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise we can work with to develop solutions that ensure your critical systems can be recovered as efficiently and reliably as possible. We have broad experience to support both physical and virtual deployments and can provide highly customized strategies tailored to your business needs.

Identify & Define

We first begin by working with your organization to identify the mission-critical data and systems your business relies on. From there we work with you to define the requirements that need to be met in order to restore operations in the event of a failure.

Recommendations & Planning

By understanding how your business operates we can recommend backup and recovery strategies that work to ensure your business can recover swiftly and will not lose the critical data it needs to function.

Implementation & Monitoring

Once the plan is set we work with your team to implement the backup processes and provide necessary training to your staff so that they can be well informed and productive. Our team won’t just set it and forget it either, we maintain observation of the changes to your network over a period of time to ensure that everything is working as designed.

Backup Solutions for Your Business Needs

Tailored Backup Strategies

Depending on the types of critical data, some files may need to be backed up every day, every week, or every change. We will tailor a backup strategy that will provide you with the data reliability and security you need.

On-Premise, Offsite & Cloud Solutions

We can develop a complete strategy that incorporates on-premise, remote offsite and cloud backup services for best possible data protection.

Managed Backup Services

We can provide monthly monitoring and testing of your backup solutions to ensure that they are regularly up-to-date and efficient to deploy.

As part of our backup strategy services, we can provide additional help to your staff in the design and deployment processes or completely manage your project and implement a solution for you. We tailor our services to your needs. IT Consulting Expert and dedicated IT professionals work with you and your team every step of the way to ensure detailed planning and project success. Network Assessment, Traffic Capacity Testing, and Analysis An assessment to determine the capabilities of your current network in order to plan backup processes that won’t interfere with your daily operations. Backup Strategy Planning A comprehensive backup strategy takes into account the critical data your business needs to function, how often it is updated, how much capacity is needed and how quickly it needs to be restored. Backup Implementation and Testing Based on the strategy we will configure your backup processes and ensure that they are working as designed.
Depending on the nature of your project and the goals you want to achieve your specific benefits will vary but in general, you can expect: • Regular backups and tested recovery • Backup flexibility and scalability • A dedicated process to ensure all critical data is backed up and secure • Overall quicker time to recovery and decreased downtime
Yes, towards the end of the project we test the various backup processes as part of our service to ensure that it is working as designed. We also provide any necessary training to your staff so that they can be well informed along with full documentation of the changes made, logins, and the discoveries we found during our assessment. If your organization would like to continue with our monitoring and services we can arrange a managed IT services contract that will provide extended monitoring and maintenance support.

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With Netmon Services as your IT partner for backup strategy and data recovery services we can provide your organization with backup solutions that are tailored to the way you work to protect your critical assets. Our services include consulting, network assessment, traffic capacity testing, and analysis, strategic backup strategy planning, storage capacity planning, implementation, testing and monitoring. Netmon also provides offsite backup replication services to our "Private Data Center" where we can assure that your Backup data is safe and secure.