Information Technology (IT) is at the forefront of ensuring your business thrives and runs efficiently. This is why we have curated this list of resources to help you better understand the IT environments that keep your business running, and self-assessments to shine a light on possible areas where improvements can be made.

Disaster Preparedness Self-Assessment

Is your team prepared for an IT disaster? Don't wait to find out the hard way. Try our 10-minute self-assessment to lead you through the critical thinking necessary to determine how prepared your organization is to handle a network disaster.

Network Security Self-Assessment

Is your business at risk for a cybersecurity breach? Find out your level of risk with our 10-minute self-assessment. Determine the level of network security your organization has, and to provide actionable steps to address the areas are in need of improvement.

Phishing Awareness Test

Greater than 25% of Windsor companies are compromised by phishing scams every day. This quick self-assessment test will help you learn the signs of a phishing email. Put your critical thinking to the test and see if you can tell the real ones from phish.