Network Monitoring Appliance and Software

Network Monitoring Appliance and Software


We at Netmon have developed a highly sophisticated Network Monitoring Software that is used by businesses, government agencies and large corporations all across Canada, USA and the World. Our Network Monitoring Software alone sets us apart from any other IT services company and competitor.

By deploying this software in our Managed Services Client's network, we continuously scan, monitor and report on any activity and events giving us full oversight in real time about anything happening on the network. We track metrics like bandwidth consumption, network latency, disk usage, event logs, device statuses, battery backup states and many more custom parameters tailored to the client's environment.

These capabilities become invaluable, saving a tremendous amount of time and money in troubleshooting and pinpointing the affected areas and source of problems occurring on your network. This also allows us to identify issues on the network before they ever become major problems, in turn, minimizing or even completely preventing downtime.

With Netmon, we also have the capability to break down and analyze all traffic on the client's network and see what devices are in communication with each other, and what type of traffic is transmitted locally and over the internet.