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Disaster Preparedness Self-Assessment

This quick assessment will ask you 12 Yes/No questions. The questionnaire takes around 2-3 minutes to complete and will generate a score based on the IT best practices for disaster planning.

Based on your answers we will send you a personalized report. The report will highlight the preparedness of your organization's IT network.


The answers and information provided in this survey will be kept confidential and will not be shared publicly


If your employees cannot connect to the network resources or internet can they still be productive?

Do your day-to-day business processes rely on your network?

Has your senior management and IT team identified the key systems, data and/or applications that are critical for keeping your business operating?

Has your IT team and senior management identified possible disaster scenarios?

Has your team identified roles and documented processes to handle each disaster scenario?

Has your team identified the critical processes to recover mission-critical business operations and/or functions?

Has your team implemented processes to ensure mission-critical operations are as resilient as possible?

Are the current operational procedures documented in a way that will allow recovery to be achieved in a timely and orderly way?

Does your organization have a backup strategy for mission-critical data and applications?

Does your backup strategy include off-site and cloud backup replication?

Have your disaster response and recovery plans been tested? Are employees trained to recognize a disaster situation and correct actions to take?

Thank you for taking our self-assessment test.


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